The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Home Confinement Division provides monitoring throughout the 350.23 square miles in Putnam County as well as parts of Cabell & Kanawha County. The Road Patrol Division assists the Home Confinement Division for after-hours service; this service ensures the program is covered 24 hours a day.



Home confinement is a location monitoring tool that helps Home Confinement Officers supervise or monitor defendants in the community. The 29th Judicial Circuit may order an inmate to serve their sentence on Home Confinement provided the offender is not convicted of a violent crime. A person placed on home confinement supervision is confined to his or her residence, linked to an electronic monitoring or GPS system and required to maintain a strict daily activity schedule. When the person is allowed to leave home, and for what reasons, is determined by the Home Confinement Division on a case by case basis. In all cases, it is meant to restrict a person’s activity and to protect the public from any threat the person may pose. Home confinement is not used as a punishment for individuals on bond. However, Courts may use home confinement as a sanction for persons who violate the conditions of their bond.


Home Detention

The participant remains at home at all times, except for pre-approved absences such as work, school, medical treatment, church, attorney appointments, court appearances, and other court ordered obligations. Home confinement benefits the courts and taxpayers because the costs are much less than jail incarceration. Consequently, courts may order persons placed under home confinement to pay all or part of the monitoring costs. Home confinement also enables defendants to continue to contribute to the support of their families and pay taxes. Close supervision by officers is a crucial component of the home confinement program. Supervision helps deter further crime, ensures safety of the community, and brings order to the defendant’s life. Officers monitor program participants to ensure that they are working, maintaining a stable living arrangement, and not engaging in prohibited behavior such as substance abuse.

The Home Confinement Division is located at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, 236 Courthouse Drive Suite 8, Winfield, WV 25213.
Home Confinement Officers assigned may be contacted at (304) 586-0256 EXT: 3.