Judicial/Process Division

judicial-imageThe Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Judicial Division provides security and bailiffs for two Circuit Judges, one Family Law Judges, and three Magistrates of the 29th Judicial Circuit, operates a holding facility for incarcerated persons for the 29th Judicial Circuit and transfers them to and from court.

Additionally, the Judicial Division conducts criminal investigations relevant to 29th Judicial Circuit and executes 29th Judicial Circuit Court orders.

judicial-image2The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department Process Division provides civil process duties throughout the 350.23 square miles in Putnam County. Duties include but not limited to: Service of subpoenas and all civil papers issued from the 29th Judicial Circuit and neighboring counties within Putnam County.

The Judicial Division is located in the Putnam County Judicial Annex in Winfield. Officers assigned to the Judicial Division may be contacted at (304)586-0265. Process division is located at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and can be reached at (304)586-0256.